Sector Specialism

Renewable Energy 

Renewable Energy Generation Net Zero People covers all resources of Renewable Energy Generation including Solar PV and CSP, Offshore and Onshore Wind, Tidal and Hydro Power and Bio Energy.  

Net Zero & Sustainability

We partner with large corporates, consultancies and the construction sector to build out their teams across sustainability and the environment to ensure Net Zero targets are met. The role of sustainability has changed immeasurably and is now a key part of the fabric of any growing enterprise.

Energy Storage

Storage is one of the hottest sectors currently. We work with the entire lifecycle from manufacturers through to developers, DSR companies and beyond. We have helped grow teams and key hires for some of the world’s largest Storage companies whether pureplay or as part of renewable energy developments.

Clean Tech

Our Clean Tech clients are responsible for cutting edge technology in a number of areas ranging from Algal Biotechnology through to Smart Technology, Desalination, CCS and beyond. We help & advise founders on building out their key individuals as well as connecting them to PE & VCs within our network.

EV & Infrastructure

EV & Infrastructure E-mobility and its infrastructure has been a core sector for Net Zero People. We have helped a wide number of clients build out teams and international offices. Our clients range from Manufacturers to Connected Solutions to the Charging Infrastructure. Roles recruited for cover finance through to software development.

Corporate Services

Throughout the years we have built a deep network of corporate service professionals with sector expertise. When building out a team it is key that your finance, marketing, technology, and people functions all understand your sector.